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Outdoor Nature Classes in NJ

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New Jersey Nature Classes

Magical Monarchs & Swallowtails

Come explore the magic and wonder of caterpillars and butterflies up close. Act out the life cycle with life size props, learn interesting facts and complete a craft to take home.
Recycle with Roger Racoon​

Recycle with Roger Racoon

We will interact with worms and learn about vermicomposting, build your own wind turbine, melt and recycle crayons, have an item swap and Roger will help us learn how to sort our recycling.
Holy Moly it's a Roly Poly ​

Holy Moly it's a Roly Poly

We will touch and play with live roly poly “bugs” using magnifying glasses to study them up close, play a beanie baby toss game to learn 5 cool facts, enjoy an interactive story, go on a roly poly hunt and make your own habitat to take home.
Chomp Chomp Carnivorous Plants

Plants, Plants, Plants! (4 Classes)

Through hands-on indoor & outdoor activities, participants will experiment with all things PLANTS!
Hello Hummingbirds​

Hello Hummingbirds

Learn fun facts, play games about hummingbirds and make your own hummingbird feeder to take home. Did you know hummingbirds are excellent at catching insects? They also have an excellent memory!

Garden to Table Summer Camp (5 Classes)

Join us for a week of fun cooking and nature sessions for this indoor/outdoor camp! Each day is filled with fun hands-on cooking in the kitchen followed by nature inspired games, activities and crafts in the garden.

Lucky Yellow Goldfinch

Did you know Goldfinches are a symbol of joy, good luck and happiness? Play the migration survival game, make a birdfeeder to take home, and more.

Nature Classes in New Jersey

Be a Monarch Super Hero

Did you know Monarchs are on the endangered watchlist? YOU can help! We will stratify milkweed seed to prepare for planting and make care packages to share with friends and family so they can help the Monarchs as well.
Seed Super Powers​

Seed Super Powers

Did you know seeds travel as hitchhikers, by wind and expulsion? Let’s have fun recreating all these ways. We will also make plantable paper to take home and taste foods that grow from seed.

Foods That Grow From Seed

Find seeds in assorted foods, taste assorted foods that grow from, dissect a seed, make and enjoy homemade lemonade.

Let's Shell-e-Brate Turtles

Let's Shell-e-Brate Turtles

We will go on turtle hikes, make our own turtle eggs and hatch them with a Carbuncle.- turtle tooth, play a game to protect our turtle eggs, make your own turtle crafts to take home and more.
Chomp Chomp Carnivorous Plants

Chomp Chomp Carnivorous Plants

Come explore venus flytrap, sundew and pitcher plants. Catch bugs like venus flytraps with puppets. Wear a bug catcher vest to catch bugs like sundew plants . How many bugs can you catch in your pitcher? Make your own puppet to take home.

Creepy, Crawly, Jumping Creatures (5 Classes)

A 5 week series of Hands on activities, exploring and crafts to learn about many different insects and creatures. 

Nature Classes in New Jersey

Butterfly Mania

In this week long class we will focus on all things butterfly! Playing games, fun activities, art and even some fun snacks! Live specimens every day!

Feathered Friends

A week of fun days of all kinds of bird activities! Hands on, fun, outdoor sessions.

Whooo Loves Owls?

In this fun edutainment# class we will play a game to be silent hunters like the owl, dissect an owl pellet, learn cool facts, make a yummy owl snack and more!